Break up your custom fields into sections

Sections for custom fields are optional. To create sections for your custom fields, or to group custom fields under a header, click the +Add New Section button. By default, newly created custom fields or custom fields which are not in a section will appear under the N/A header. 

When creating a section, the admin is prompted to decide if the fields in the section should be completed by the employer or the new hire, if the fields are required to be completed during onboarding, if the new hire should be able to see the field and answer, and if their manager should be able to view the field and answer.

For example, an administrator could create a Personal Profile section that should be filled out by the new hires during onboarding and assign fields such as:

  • “Do you have any dietary restrictions?”
  • "What is your favorite color?"
  • “Are you right or left handed?”

Administrators can select rules that will determine which new hires will be prompted to fill out the custom fields in the section. Keep in mind, if the All rule is used when determining who should have the fields applied to, an new hire must meet the criteria in every one of the rules added. If Any is selected, the new hire only needs to meet the criteria of one of the rules.

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