Background checks with Zenefits

This guide contains information for employers on the background check process in Zenefits.

How do I run background checks after I set them up in Zenefits?

Once you set up background checks for your company, there are four steps to running one. Request. You can can request background checks when hiring, or later for one or... Learn more

Can I make background checks mandatory for all new hires?

Yes. When hiring new staff in Zenefits, employers can make background checks a requirement. To update this setting, follow the directions below. From the admin dashboard... Learn more

Request a background check for a single existing worker

The individual must be completely onboarded for this process to work properly. Background checks cannot be run prior to making an offer or the completion of the onboarding ... Learn more

Can I request an additional background check for someone?

Yes. To request a second background check for someone who has already completed one: From the Directory app on the admin dashboard, click on the individual who you want to ru... Learn more

Can I request background checks for all current staff?

Yes. To request background checks be run on all current staff: Log in to Zenefits. From the admin dashboard, click the Directory app. Click Bulk Request in the menu ba... Learn more

How to see the results of all background checks

From the admin dashboard, click the Hiring app. Scroll to the bottom of the Overview page. View the Background Check Results table. A list of names, their status, authorization ... Learn more

View the results of a background check

After logging into your Zenefits admin account click on Directory and find the person whose background check you wish to view. Click on Documents on the left side of the page. ... Learn more

Cancel a background check

You can only cancel a background check before the individual signs the authorization form in Zenefits. Once an individual signs the authorization form, the background check... Learn more

Incomplete background check reports

If you receive an incomplete background check from Checkr stating that "The candidate has not provided the documents necessary for SSN verification" there are several possible r... Learn more

Why was a background check cancelled?

When a Motor Vehicle Report is requested as part of a background check, the request can be cancelled if the individual is in Pennsylvania or they do not have a driver’s license.... Learn more

Note: Background checks are not supported for candidates (not inputted via the Hiring flow) or international workers.

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