How to use custom fields in Zenefits

If you want to collect information from your workers beyond what is automatically collected by Zenefits, you can create custom fields for this information in the administrator dashboard.
  1. Click on the Hiring app on your admin dashboard. 
  2. Click on Custom Fields
  3. Here you can add and edit fields with information that you want your workers to see when onboarding, set permissions for who will see the custom fields, and determine which workers the new fields will apply to.

When creating a custom field, you may set certain permissions to restrict or allow mangers, supervisors, or other administrators, to view the answer.

  • Only admins who aren't restricted from viewing sensitive fields will be able to view sensitive custom fields: Yes or No
  • Who will fill out this field? Worker or Employer. If "employer" is selected, then this field will be completed during hiring. If "worker" is selected, then the field will be completed during onboarding.
  • Does this field need to be completed at the time of hiring? Yes or No
  • Should the worker be able to see the answer to this prompt or question? Yes or No
  • Should the worker's manager be able to see the answer to this prompt or question? Yes or No

Filters may also be added so the custom field is only sent to certain employment types, departments, locations or compensation type. 
To bulk request custom fields, use the following process:
  1. After logging in to your Zenefits admin account, select the Directory app.
  2. Select the Bulk Information Request tab, then New Request.
  3. From the Request Type drop down, select Custom Fields.
  4. Select a Custom Field from the drop down (if you wish to request a new field, follow these steps to create a new custom field).
  5. Select the workers from whom the custom fields should be requested.
  6. Check the box to include workers who have already completed this custom field previously.
  7. If a custom field is under a section set to be filled out by the employer, it cannot be bulk requested.
  8. You'll see the name of the request, along with everyone who will receive the request. If this looks good, press Request.
    You will have 15 minutes to cancel this request while it is being processed.
  9. The next time a selected worker logs into their Zenefits dashboard, they will be prompted to provide the requested information.

Select a variety of answers for your workforce to complete with custom fields:

  • Single line text: Allow answers in one line of text 
  • Multi-line text: Allow answers in multiple lines of text
  • Date
  • Number
  • File: A form to be filled out by the selected individual(s) and then uploaded to this field or further instructions.
  • Multiple Choice
  • Yes or No
  • Signature: Requires selected individual(s) to sign off on the field. 

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