Can I hire and pay international workers?

Currently, Zenefits support the ability to hire international workers, but does not support the ability to pay them. This page explains how to hire an international worker. Please see the International Onboarding guide for the information on the countries Zenefits supports.

Before beginning the hiring process

Make sure you have a work location set up for the international worker. If you forget, you can select "Create new work locations" in the help text on the right side of the Job Details page in the Hiring flow.

Begin the hiring process

From your admin dashboard, click the Hire button in the Workers section. Or click the Hiring app and then click Add Team Member.

Enter the employment information

    Zenefits will automatically recognize them as an international worker. They will be able to enter an international phone number during onboarding.


    Contingent workers who enter a non-US location when onboarding to Zenefits will not be prompted to enter banking information, and will be unable to update bank information when they log in to their Dashboard. Zenefits is not responsible for determining the legality of paying a non-US worker and does not support uploading Form W-8 for international workers.

    Zenefits is not responsible for determining the classification of non-US workers during hiring, or legality of paying  non-US  workers , and does not support uploading Form W-8 for international workers.

    International contingent workers, e.g., those who enter a non-US work location, may be hired in Zenefits. However, only US-based workers can be paid through Zenefits.

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