How do I set up onboarding for international workers in Zenefits?

To set up international work locations in Zenefits, follow the directions below:

  1. From the Zenefits dashboard, click Company Profile and then Addresses and Departments.
  2. Click +Add Work Location.
  3. Select the appropriate country from the Country drop-down.
    • All remaining fields will be country-specific.
  4. Similar to adding a U.S. work location, enter basic information for this international work location.
  5. Click Save.

Tax Information for Setting Up International Work Locations

Employers are solely responsible for collecting and completing the proper governmental, legal or regulatory due diligence prior to engaging in or conducting business in a new or existing international work location and complying with country, regional or local laws and regulations including, but not limited to, tax, corporate and employment legal matters or claims.

Hiring International Workers

Once the international work location is set up, international workers can be hired from the Zenefits dashboard by clicking Hiring and starting the onboarding process. Workers cannot be moved from US-based locations to International locations at this time.

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