Employment eligibility verification as an employer

In the US, employers must verify the identity of each new hire and their authorization to accept employment in the US. Employers and workers must each complete their sections of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Form I-9. Reverification is not required for US Citizens. The Zenefits onboarding experience automates the Form I-9 Verification process in two parts: the worker side, and the employer side.

In Zenefits, the following classifications will be prompted to complete an I-9:

  • All workers with a US worker location and
  • Employees who are marked as full time, part time, or intern
  • Company-paid temps
In Zenefits, the following classifications will not be prompted to complete an I-9:
  • All international employees and contingent workers
  • US based agency paid temps, vendor employees, independent contractors, and volunteers

Questions on how to classify your staff? Check out our understanding employment types page.

Verify a Form I-9 in Zenefits

Employers are required by law to view and verify physical copies of eligibility documents within three business days of the first day of work. Once the worker has provided... Learn more

Verify I-9 documents for remote workers

Employers are required to inspect and verify, in person, the authenticity of a new worker's eligibility documents (passport, driver's license, etc.) within 3 days of their first... Learn more

Do I need to retain and store Form I-9?

Yes. Employers are required to maintain a completed Form I-9 for each worker on payroll for 3 years after the worker's hire date or one year after the worker leaves the company,... Learn more

Will I receive notifications about expiration of eligibility documents?

Yes. Zenefits will send four separate email notifications to primary administrators by email prior to the date of expiration of an employee's employment eligibility document... Learn more

Reverify work authorization documents

To request and verify a work authorization document: Reverification is not required for US Citizens but may be required for permanent citizens who provided temporary autho... Learn more

Edit the information on a Form I-9

If you need to change Form I-9 information that has been submitted, you can send a request. Before making any changes, review and follow the USCIS instructions for correcting a ... Learn more

Run a report to find out when eligibility documents expire

Yes. Administrators and managers can run the Eligibility Report in the Business Intelligence card to review the status of the eligibility documents that were provided for I-9  v... Learn more

Request a modification to an I-9 Form

Only workers are able to edit Section 1 of their I-9  form . However, an admin can send a request to modify their I-9. In the Workers section of the admin dashboard, clic... Learn more

Who is authorized to sign off on I-9 verification?

Individuals who can sign the employer's side of an I-9 document are any authorized representative of the company, such as: Primary Administrator Direct Manager HR ManagerAd... Learn more

How workers edit I-9 documentation

Before an administrator or manager completes the I-9  verification, workers may edit the documentation that they have submitted. To do this, follow the steps below:Click on the ... Learn more

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