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Creating Custom Business Reports in Zenefits

Administrators can create custom reports in Zenefits for a wide variety of information. These reports allow admins to download and view reports for the current information in Zenefits.


How do I create custom Business Intelligence reports?

To create a Custom Report, use the process below:Log into the Zenefits administrator dashboard.Select the Business Intelligence app.Select Custom Reports from the top navigation... Learn more

How do I create a custom benefits report?

Administrators may create a custom report that shows specific information about workers'  and their dependents' benefits. Select the Business Intelligence app.Select Create New ... Learn more

How do I create a custom Point-in-Time report?

Navigate to the Business Intelligence app after logging into your Zenefits account.Click on the Custom Report tab.Check the box to continue with creating a Point in Time report.... Learn more

How do I create a custom Payroll report?

From the Business Intelligence app, you can create a custom report and select from the following payroll-related  fields to include:EarningsDeductions Garnishments and their tot... Learn more

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