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FAQs about EEO-1 Reporting


What is the EEO-1 report?


 The EEO-1 report is a compliance survey mandated by federal regulations, which must be completed annually. 

The EEO-1 report applies only to companies with 100 or more employees or federal contractors with 50 or more employees each year. 

The survey requires companies to obtain employment data, categorized by race/ethnicity, gender, and job category. Zenefits will assist companies required to submit an EEO-1 report by providing the necessary employee information and helping the employer correctly fill out the report.


What is a multiestablishment company in the context of EEO reporting?


For the purposes of EEO reporting, a company that does business as multiple physical locations is considered a multi-establishment company. In contrast, a single-establishment company does business at only one physical address. Multi-establishment companies are required to submit a separate report for each location of the company with 50 or more employees as well as locations with fewer than 50 employees.

  • Companies with multiple establishments that have the same address, NAICS code, and EIN must be combined into the same report, unless prevented by the company's corporate structure. In the latter case, see Section 5, Requests for Information and Special Procedures of the EEO Instruction Booklet.
  • With the exception of the company's headquarters, all locations with at least one employee must be reported.

Learn more about the EEO reporting requirements for multi-establishment companies.


Do I need to include ethnicity and employment information in the EEO-1 report?


Employers are required to include employee's employment and ethnicity information in their EEO-1 report. Employment data must be pulled from one pay period in October, November, or December of the current survey year. Ethnicity information must be provided by the employee. Employers must provide the employee with the ability to self-identify their own ethnicity.


Does Zenefits remind employees to provide EEO information?


Though you can request EEO information from your employees using automated emails, Zenefits won't remind them, or enforce a completion deadline. However, you can track which employees have completed the survey to date by running a report in Zenefits.


What if an employee refuses to provide ethnicity or employment information for the EEO-1 report?


If one of your employees refuses to provide ethnicity or employment information for your EEO-1 reports, you may use employment records or visual observation to complete the report. This information can be updated in Zenefits via the spreadsheet download. However, as an employer, you cannot directly enter this information for the employee.

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