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How do I generate an EEO-1 report?

An EEO-1 report can be generated in Zenefits and submitted using the process outlined on this page. Companies with 100 or more employees must submit the EEO-1 Report annually. 

If your company is a multi-establishment corporation (meaning you have more than one physical location where you do business), you'll also need to review the information here.

You can create a new EEO-1 report by going to the Premade Reports section of the Business Intelligence app from the administrator dashboard. 

  1. Click View on the Equal Employment Opportunity report, located under the HR Reports section. 
  2. You'll be taken to the Getting Started page.
  3. If you'd like Zenefits to generate the EEO-1 reports for you, select Yes. Let's get started! 
    If you'd prefer to generate the reports on your own, select No. Please provide me with my EEO Employee Data and the option to download the information as an Excel Spreadsheet will appear.
  4. You'll first be asked to enter the Company ID if the EEOC has assigned your company a Company Number (you can register for a company number here).
  5. Next, you'll select whether or not you'd like Zenefits to generate reports for any offices with less than 50 employees.
  6. You'll select your Company Headquarters from the drop-down menu.
  7. Next, you'll select the start and end date of a pay period from October, November, or December.
  8. You'll be taken to the Company Requirements page.
  9. You'll answer some questions about the size of your company and any applicable establishments (if you have questions, the EEOC has provided an FAQ page here).
  10. Next, you'll be taken to the spreadsheet page to fill in any missing information.
  11. Fill in any missing information in the spreadsheet. You are able to save the spreadsheet and exit at any time. Once the spreadsheet is complete, click Continue.
  12. On the Reports Summary page, you'll be required to fill out the following information for your company, as well as any related establishments.
    • If an EEO-1 report was filed for the establishment the previous year
    • NAICS Code 
    • Company address
    • Certifying official or manager
    • Unit code (if assigned to a related establishment by the EEOC)

From here, you can click Generate to generate an EEO-1  form (CSV file) that is in the required format to send directly to the EEO using the email address listed in the help text.

For further information on EEO-1 requirements please visit this page.

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