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What are the different pre-made reports in Business Intelligence?

Here is a list of the pre-made reports that are available in Business Intelligence. Admins can download a report by clicking Download or View, then Download Report when viewing it in the app.


  • Benefits CostsWorker and company costs for each worker's enrolled benefits within the current pay period.
  • Benefits Enrollment: Changes to workers' benefits enrollments and costs over a specific date range.
  • Benefits Deductions: Point in time report that includes requested deductions (via Zenefits), actual payroll deductions (paystub data) and deduction adjustments for all lines of coverage.
  • Benefits Quoting Census Report: Current worker and dependent demographic, enrollment, plan, and cost information needed for quoting.


  • Birthdays: Employees'  birthdays
  • Compensation Changes: Employee compensation changes.
  • Contact Info: Employees'  addresses , phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Contingent Workers: Info of Contingent workers on start date, end date and termination date.
  • Diversity: Lists the age, gender, and race (if employer chose to request this information through the EEO feature during onboarding).
  • Emergency Contacts: Employees'  primary and secondary emergency contacts.
  • Employee History: List all employee changes, including address, employment type, and salary changes.
  • Employment Eligibility: Lists whether an administrator has verified  employees'  employment eligibility documents, the expiration date of the documents, and the  re-verification  status (if applicable).
  • Equal Employment Opportunity: Equal Employment Opportunity report.
  • Headcount: Headcount growth over time and by team, department, and location.
  • Hiring Documents: Lists the  onboarding  documents employees have been sent and/or signed through Zenefits.
  • Pending Approval Changes: Lists pending changes, before and after value of changes, effective date , approvers, current status, and people to be notified of change.
  • Point in Time: Employee information from a specific date.
  • Start Dates: Each employee's first day of work.
  • Stock Options: Number of stock option grants and grant dates for each worker.
  • Time Off: PTO hours that have been used, remaining balances and accrual rates. This report must be configured for type (time taken or balances) and for a specified time period.
  • Turnover: Turnover rate over time by team, department, and location.
  • Work Anniversaries: List of employees with their years of service and anniversary dates.
  • Variable Compensation: Each worker's variable compensation details.


  • All in One (New): An improved version of the older All in One report.
  • All in One (Old): The  All-in-One payroll report is your most customizable option when it comes to reviewing everything that goes into (or comes out of) your employees paychecks. Bring gross pay, tax, deductions and more information together into a single report.
  • Bank Transactions: See all transactions Zenefits Payroll has initiated in and out of your payroll account.
  • Deductions & Contributions: Summary view of deductions, contributions, and total for all employees.
  • Employee Details: This report shows information for each employee, and can be used as an employee roster.
  • Garnishment Audit: This report shows the garnishment calculation results and any uncollected amounts.
  • Garnishments Setup: This report lists all wage garnishments setup information for all payees in wage garnishments for your company.
  • History Summary: Summary view of all earnings, deductions, contributions, and taxes in a year, all 4 quarters, for individual employees or company totals. It includes earnings, deductions, garnishments, contributions, employee taxes, employer taxes, and totals for every quarter & year-to-date for each category.
  • Individual Earnings: This report is the simplest way to review the details of how long and for how much your workers have worked so far this year.
  • Labor Distribution: This report allows clients to see an accounting statement that details hours worked, wages earned, and other summary data by department and/or location.
  • Labor Distribution Detail: This is an itemized report outlining earnings, deductions, contributions, and taxes allocated to each labor group.
  • Payroll Detail: See detailed payroll activity for employees including earnings, taxes, deductions and employer liabilities.
  • Payroll Register: This report allows clients to see a summary view of total earnings, deductions, contributions, taxes and total cost at the check level for a selected payroll run or, alternatively, all payroll runs over a selected period.
  • Payroll Summary: Records the financial impact of each payroll on your company.
  • Tax Liability: See a detailed breakdown of all payroll tax liabilities for a pay period. The report can be sorted and subtotaled by federal, state, and localities within states.
  • Tax Package: The Tax Package details your company’s local & state payroll tax information for a given quarter or year.
  • Tax Payments: See all the tax payments Zenefits Payroll has done on behalf of your company by date. This includes federal, state, and local taxes.
  • Tax and Wage Summary: See taxable wages that are subject to federal, state, and local withholdings.
  • W-2 Preview: The W-2 Preview will help you ensure a smooth year end processing. Please review and verify that the information appears to be correct.


  • Summary: The Summary report gives you a daily overview hours worked for a selected date range. Select which dates and workers you want to review for this customizable report.
  • Project Codes: The Project Codes report provides a detailed look at hours worked on different projects by everyone. Choose to look at all codes and workers, or filter them to just the info you need.
  • Hours: The Hours report provides a closer look at your hourly workers' start and end times. Select which dates and workers you want to review for this customizable report.
  • Meal Break Compliance: The Meal Break Compliance report provides dates, times, and names of workers flagged for missing a meal break. Full insight into these flags allows you review cases quickly so you can take action.
  • Salaried Non Exempt: The Salaried Non-Exempt report provides a list of your salaried non-exempt workers who have earned overtime for a selected pay period or date range.
  • Contingent Workers: The Contingent Workers report provides a summary of the contingent workers who have recorded their time for a selected pay period or date range.

If none of these reports sound like what you're looking for, you may want to view this Help Center page on creating custom reports.

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