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Change a contractor to an employee in Zenefits

If you're an administrator with the correct permissions, you can follow the steps below to promote someone whose employment type/status will be changing.

For moving an Independent Contractor, Agency-paid temp, Vendor Employee, or Volunteer to Employee or vise versa

  1. First, you'll need to terminate the profile.
  2. Next, once the termination is effective, on their profile click Rehire 
  3. "Hire" the individual, using the details of their promotion to complete all fields.
  4. Review your changes and preview the letter, if applicable.
  5. Once you click Confirm, you'll have the option to send the offer letter in an email or to copy a link to send it at a later date. Note the link will be "" if you chose to rehire using their current profile, as the individual can log into Zenefits using their current account.

Note: If using Zenefits Payroll, you will need to make sure to pay out any earnings owed while the employee was a contractor before you complete this process.

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