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Departments help you organize your company's workforce. Set up departments by visiting the Company Profile app on your Zenefits dashboard.

Once you've set up Departments within the Company Profile, you can assign people to departments by initiating a change employment request.

Once someone is assigned to a department, it will appear in the Work Groups tab of their Profile.

You can add multiple departments to each individual as needed, but note that you'll need to select a Default Department.

When adding or editing a department, you'll have the option to assign a code. This is a required field if you want to use Departments in Zenefits Time & Attendance. Learn more about the importance of using codes.

If your organization treats attributes such as Departments, Locations, and Positions as cost centers, you should allocate codes to these. For example, you may want to assign a code of "HR002" to someone in your HR Department.

To add, edit, and remove departments, follow the steps on this page.

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