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Explaining Terminations in Zenefits

Zenefits' termination process allows admins and managers to request terminations, enter the details for the termination, and manage some post-termination details such as COBRA.

Zenefits does not:

  • Advise on termination matters outside of what is handled within the Zenefits platform.
  • Handle or determine final paychecks for terminated workers, except for those in Zenefits Payroll.
  • Handle or administer enrollment or claims for unemployment insurance.

Notifications triggered by a termination request

When a manager requests a termination in Zenefits, their completed request triggers emails to two people in Zenefits: the approver for the manager who requested the terminatio... Learn more

Terminating Employees in Synced Payroll

When terminating an employee that's synced to payroll, choose "Remove from payroll" to have Zenefits mark the employee as terminated in payroll within one day. Otherwise, the em... Learn more

Terminating Employees in ADP Workforce with Payroll Sync

For companies who sync an ADP Workforce account, Zenefits will collect the following information and push it to payroll when an employee is terminated in Zenefits. Date ... Learn more

How to terminate someone in Zenefits

Termination in Zenefits is a record-keeping action that moves the individual from active status and triggers necessary changes, such as cancellation of benefits or removal from ... Learn more

State-specific last paycheck requirements

This list is provided for informational uses only. Employers should always consult their legal counsel for authoritative instructions as to their responsibilities. ... Learn more

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