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Labor Groups Percentage Allocation

Learn all about Labor Groups Percentage Allocation.

Labor Groups Percentage Allocation Definition

Labor Groups Percentage Allocation enables administrators to allocate an employee’s regular earnings across labor groups by percentage.  

Setting up Labor Groups Percentage Allocation 

From your Administrator dashboard: 

  1. Click on the Directory app and then select a salaried exempt employee 

  1. Edit the desired individual and navigate to Labor Groups  

  1. Click Add in the Labor Groups Percentage Allocation section then select the desired labor group fields and percentage for the allocation 

  1. Complete the rest of the edit flow to save your changes  

Type of Employees I can use Labor Groups Percentage Allocation

The Labor Groups Percentage Allocation section will only display for salaried exempt employees.

Please see this Help Center article for how to modify labor groups in Payroll. 

Reason for inactive Labor Group columns in the Allocation table

Labor groups that the employee is assigned to will be available for selection on the allocation table. If an employee is not assigned to a labor group, that labor group column will be inactive.  

Editing Labor Groups in Payroll

If the employee has their labor allocation set up, any manual edits to the labor groups on draft pay runs are considered one-time changes and will not override allocations on future pay runs.

Changing Labor Allocation for different types of Pay Runs

All labor allocations saved will automatically take effect on future pay runs. For draft pay runs, you can select the “Reset Pay Stub” or “Reset Run” buttons to refresh with the new allocations if the effective date is for a change that already happened or an immediate change.

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