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Promote An Employee in Zenefits

If you're an administrator with the correct permissions, you can follow the steps below to promote an employee whose employment type/status is not changing.

  1. Go to the employee's profile in Zenefits.
  2. Click the Actions drop-down.
  3. Select Edit Employment Info.
  4. Select the effective date of the promotion.
    Keep in mind that changes affecting payroll made in the middle of a pay period will require an off cycle pay run if you are using Zenefits Payroll*.
  5. Make any updates as needed to carry out the promotion.
  6. Determine if anyone needs to be notified.
  7. Give a reason for the change.
  8. Select a Letter Template if documenting the promotion.
    If you haven't already created a letter template for promotions, click the Create a Letter Template link.
  9. Review your changes and preview the letter if applicable.
  10. Once you click Confirm, the change will either take effect or will be scheduled to take effect.

*Zenefits Payroll requires that compensation changes go into effect on the first day of a pay period. We’ll change the employee's compensation starting on the first day of the current pay period. If you want to prorate the new compensation, you need to create an off-cycle  pay run.

If you're not sure when the next pay period begins, and your company uses Zenefits Payroll, click here to be taken to your payroll schedule (Company Pay Schedule).

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