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Reporting Managers in Different Organizations

This feature allows grouped, linked, or connected companies to have cross reporting teams. In Zenefits, there are linked companies and accounts.

Linked companies are companies that have different EINs but are connected through reporting. For example, the companies may be parent & child, or sister companies.

Linked accounts are available to those who have multiple Zenefits accounts. You may report to two different organizations if they're linked, like explained above. Linked accounts may also apply if you work at different companies that use Zenefits. For example, if you leave your job at Company A to work at Company B, and both use Zenefits for HR, Payroll, and Benefits, you can access both accounts via the same set of credentials.


How do I change someone’s manager to be from a different organization?

If you have permissions in Zenefits to initiate change requests, you’ll be able to change the manager or direct reports to include cross organization reporting as needed. Select... Learn more

Can I make changes to my direct reports’ information if they’re in a separate organization?

All managers can make updates to their direct reports’ information by initiating a change request.Go to the My Team or Directory app. Select the person who you’d like to request... Learn more

Zenefits allows you to assign a reporting manager who may not be in the same organization as their direct report. Once you've assigned a manager from a different organization, they'll be able to do the following for their direct reports: 


  • Make changes to the worker profile through a change request 
  • Complete manager feedback in Performance Management 
  • Approve or deny time off requests

During the beta phase of this release, Time & Attendance, assigning a manager from a different organization in the Hiring flow, and Approver Flows are not available, however, these are planned to be available for the general release.

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