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Set Up Labor Groups

Taking the time to set up departments (and other labor groupings) now will save you time and headache later. Setting up an infrastructure for your company will help you understand how much of your time and money is going into various aspects of the business.

Labor Groups:

  • Work Locations
  • Departments
  • Positions
  • Others (customized to your company)

In Zenefits, labor fields can be used to group workers within your organization. Separate from assigning a person to a Department or providing them a Job Title, there are Positions--the flexible roles within your company that are required to meet the demands of your business, such as Lab Tech, Sales Rep, Engineer, or Delivery Driver.

To add a new labor group:

  • After logging into your Zenefits administrator account, go to the Company Profile app.
  • Click on Addresses & Departments from the left hand menu.
  • Add names and assign people to each group.

Once labor groups have been set up within the Company Profile, you can reuse this infrastructure in other areas of Zenefits. If you use Zenefits Payroll, the labor groups you've defined can carry over into pay runs, general ledger reporting, and more.

How to Set Up Positions

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Positions in Scheduling

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Labor Fields in Zenefits Payroll

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What are Codes for?

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Setting Up Multiple Pay Rates

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