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Setting Up Multiple Pay Rates

Once you have assigned people to positions, you can set up multiple pay rates. Here's how:

  1. From the Directory app, click on the individual's name for whom you'd like to set up multiple pay rates.
  2. Select the Employment & Compensation tab.
  3. Beneath the Position section, you'll see the Position Name, Code, and Rate/hr.
  4. To add or edit these fields, you can click the Make Changes link in the top right corner of the page.
  5. Complete the steps in the Make Changes flow.
  6. The hourly rate for each position added, will default to what was originally entered as the hourly rate.
  7. You will only be able to add Positions to an individual's profile if the Positions have already been created in the Company Profile.
  8. Save your changes by completing the Make Changes flow in its entirety.

If you prefer to see these steps in video format, check out our Training! (You will need to log in to access the video)

You can also assign pay rates using the the bulk update flow.


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