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Terminating Employees in Synced Payroll

  • Zenefits will mark the employee as terminated in payroll within 1 day of the actual termination date, rather than the date that the termination was entered in Zenefits.
  • For employees in ADP Workforce, Zenefits will also sync additional information.

If you select the wrong option, simply re-add or remove the employee in payroll. At this time, Zenefits is unable to sync information in Zenefits Pay Connect for contingent workers.

Remember that Zenefits does not prorate salaries for terminated employees in synced payroll. Administrators should make sure to work with their payroll provider to determine the exact amount for final paycheck, including, as necessary:

  • any unused PTO liability (if required by the state where the employee works),
  • severance or other compensation according to pre-existing agreements between the employer and employee,
  • benefits deductions, etc.

Note that certain states require companies to provide a physical check on their final day.

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