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Edit Worker Information in Bulk

For Administrators and Employees

Administrators can bulk edit worker information through the Bulk Update Spreadsheet tool.

The Bulk Update tool does not support bulk hiring. Hiring must be done one by one.

  1. Log into the administrator dashboard.
  2. Click the Directory app.
  3. Select Bulk Update/ Export in the upper-right hand corner.
  4. Check the boxes for the type of people to bulk edit.
    • Active Employees,
    • Set-Up Employees, and/or
    • Terminated Employees
  5. Select the employee details that will be bulk edited. Name and Email will automatically be selected. Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.38.16 PM.png
  6. After checking the employee details, select Download Spreadsheet.
  7. The Excel spreadsheet will download to the computer with additional instructions.
    1. Leave the Zenefits page open.
  8. After completing the spreadsheet, navigate back to the Bulk Update page and select Next.
  9. Select Upload and upload the completed spreadsheet.
  10. Select Validate Spreadsheet.
  11. If there are errors with the spreadsheet the Results from your Spreadsheet section will detail the errors. Once the errors are corrected, reupload the spreadsheet.

The Bulk Employee updates tool does not allow administrators to edit employee custom fields, exemptions for Federal and State taxes, or to download employee documents such as W-4s or I-9s.

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