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How do I update compensation type or rate

For Administrators and Employees

Administrators and managers can update an employee's compensation type (salary or hourly) or rate from the employee's profile located in the Directory app.

Once you've selected the employee who needs their compensation adjusted, you can change their compensation information via the Employment & Compensation option. Here you can change the employee's compensation type (hourly or salaried) and their new compensation rate. You'll also need to specify when the change will take effect, then confirm the changes.

If approvals are required, the change doesn't take effect until it's approved.

  • Changes approved before their effective date take effect on the effective date.
  • Changes approved after their effective date take effect as soon as they're approved.

Note: Companies using labor groups and positions will need to update individual compensation and the position pay for compensation changes.

Compensation Changes and Payroll

Once approved, compensation changes will:

  • push to synced payroll with 1-2 days.
  • show up in the checklist for companies without any payroll integration in Zenefits.
  • show up in the next Modifications Payroll Report.
  • take effect in Zenefits Payroll immediately for most types of changes. Changes to compensation type always take effect on the first day of the employee's next pay period.
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