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How do I update the Work or Resident Tax State

How do I update the Work or Resident Tax State?

For Administrators and Employees

Zenefits asks for state tax information from workers based on the states of their home address and work location. To make edits to a tax state after onboarding is complete (e.g., if the worker moves):

  • Have them change their home address.
  • Then, if necessary, update their work location.

To edit the reciprocal tax state for a company synced with  Paychex, change their work or home location.

  • If a tax state(s) change (and Zenefits needs new tax information), the tax state fields will read N/A until the worker has completed and signed their new federal or state W-4.
  • When changes are made to either (or both) work location or home address and reciprocity exists between the two states, Zenefits will prompt the worker to choose or decline the reciprocal setup.
  • Once these changes are made, the changes will be pushed to payroll, if payroll is synced with Zenefits. The new state taxes will be deducted from the following paycheck.

If they move to a different state, both the worker and the employer need to update the tax information in their respective Dashboards.

Tax State and New Hires

When hiring in a state for the first time, adding a new work location in your Zenefits profile for that state will ensure that taxes are setup correctly. 

**For synced payroll, please reach out to your payroll provider to determine what information is needed when hiring in a state for the first time**

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