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How do I update work location

For Administrators and Employees

When a US-based individual moves work locations (e.g., when moving to a different office, or to another state), their work location should be updated.

Update an individual work location

Both administrators and managers can make (or request) changes to a work location through the Directory app. Once you select the person who requires these changes, you'll be able to select the new work location by choosing either Request Changes (if you're a manager) or Make Changes (if you're an administrator). If this change requires approval prior to going through, the location change request will be sent to any necessary approvers.

Alternatively, managers can request a transfer. Once approved, the transfer will also update the work location.

Update work locations for two or more people

Administrators can change work locations for two or more people using the Bulk Edit tool. The Bulk Edit tool can be found in the Directory app.

Once in the Bulk Edit tool, you'll need to select Active Workers, Set-up Workers, Work Locations and State Tax, and download an Excel spreadsheet, which you'll then upload back to Zenefits once your updates have been made.

Please make sure that no fields in the sheet are left blank, as Zenefits cannot process a spreadsheet if the required fields are empty.

International Transfers

International-based  individuals can move to any other work location within the same country in the same way as above. 

To update the work location from one country to another country, they need to be terminated and rehired

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