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How to Edit Worker Information in the New Bulk Edit tool

For Administrators

Administrators can bulk edit worker information through the Bulk Update tool.

The Bulk Update tool does not support bulk hiring or terminating. Hiring /termination must be done one by one.

  • Log into the administrator dashboard.
  • Click the Directory app.
  • Select Bulk Update/ Export in the upper-right hand corner.
  • Select the fields that you want to edit.
  • The following fields can have a specific effective dateCompensation, Title, Work Location,Primary Department, Federal Tax, and State Tax. All other fields will be effective immediately. 
  • Select the workers that you would like to make changes to
  • Select how you would like to make the changes, manually in a table in Zenefits (recommended) or download a template, make the changes offline and upload the spreadsheet.

When you are viewing the data table, you will find each of the fields organized into categories. You can toggle between these different categories at the top of the table and you will not lose any changes. After you enter changes into a specific field, you will receive instant validations of that data. You can also select multiple workers, click "Edit" and make changes in bulk to specific fields for those selected workers. 

The Bulk Employee updates tool does not yet allow administrators to edit employee custom fields, exemptions for Federal and State taxes, or variable compensation. 

If you are trying to bulk edit Positions or Work Groups please click "use previous version of this tool" to make those changes. 

To bulk download employee documents, visit the Documents app.


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