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Initiate a change request as a manager

Managers can request changes to the employment details for a direct or indirect report.

To request a change as a manager:

  1. From the Zenefits dashboard, click the My Team app.
  2. Within the table of employees, select the employee that needs a change. This can only be done for active employees.
  3. On the employee information page, click Edit Employment Info in the Actions menu.
  4. Specify when the change, once approved, should go into effect.
  5. Within the Edit Details section, enter in new values for the employee information. Depending on permission restrictions certain sensitive information may not be available.
  6. Type in a reason for the proposed changes. This will be shared with the company admin and/or approvers for this request.
  7. Click Request Changes.

From here, an email with details for the request will be sent to the appropriate approver(s). The requesting Manager will receive an email once a decision has been made.

Managers can submit changes for multiple fields (for example, title and department) in a single HR request. Email notifications are also sent to managers and employees impacted by the change. For example, if the employee's direct manager gains or loses subordinates or if an employee will report to a new manager as a result.


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