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Requesting HR Changes in Zenefit

Managers in Zenefits can request HR changes, including salary changes and department transfers, directly from the Zenefits dashboard.


Managers in Zenefits

By default, a manager is any employee with at least one direct report in Zenefits. All managers will see the My Team card on their Zenefits Dashboard. The My Team card wil... Learn more

Worker information that is visible to Managers

Managers have permission to view specific information about each of their reports, and have the authority to request specific changes to this information. Manager visibility can... Learn more

Worker changes that managers can request

Managers can request changes to the following employment details for their reports. In the event a change is mistakenly requested, it cannot be removed from the audit log o... Learn more

Submit a new hire request as a manager

Managers with hiring authority can make requests to hire a new worker. To hire someone as a manager: From the manager's dashboard, click Hire in the My Team card or Hi... Learn more

Initiate a termination request as a manager

Managers can initiate a termination request through their dashboard. From the Zenefits dashboard click the My Team app. Within the table of employees select the employe... Learn more

Initiate a change request as a manager

Managers can request changes to the employment details for a direct or indirect report. To request a change as a manager: From the Zenefits dashboard, click the My Team app.W... Learn more

Cancel a change request

After a request is made for changes to an employee's information, an employee's manager can cancel that request. From the Zenefits dashboard, click the My Team app. With... Learn more

Add multiple approvers for a single request

Depending on how a company has set up their approvals structure, a single request may require approval from multiple approvers. In this case, all approvers must approve the requ... Learn more

Change Letters

When specific HR events occur, administrators can use change letters to document acknowledgment from their workers.Change letters can be utilized for the following types of HR c... Learn more

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