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Deleting an Employee in Zenefits

For Administrators and Employees

If an administrator erroneously creates a new employee, an employee decides to decline a job offer, or a manager is able to perform the intended actions directly for their reportee (for the list of functions available to cross-organization managers see here), the administrator can delete the employee from their employee list.

To delete an employee from Zenefits, ensure you are deleting the intended profile:

  1. Log into your administrator dashboard.
  2. Click on the Directory app.
  3. Click the name of the employee who should be deleted.
  4. If the employee:
    • Has registered their account but not completed Initial Insurance Enrollment: Click Delete Employee Record in the Actions list. A pop-up will confirm that all employee records will be deleted.
    • Has registered their account and completed Initial Insurance Enrollment: Click Terminate in the Actions list. This will ensure that the employee is not enrolled in benefits.
    • If an employee who is enrolled in insurance is deleted, work directly with your broker or carrier to remove them from insurance.
    • Has not registered their account: Click Revoke Offer. A pop-up will confirm that all employee records will be deleted.
  5. To continue with deleting the employee record completely, click Delete Employee.

If an employee is mistakenly deleted, please contact Support.

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