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How to create an SPD

1. Company administrators will receive an inbox task to complete their Summary Plan Description, or SPD, about 45 days after their renewal.

  • Alternatively, admins can access the SPD by clicking into the Benefits Adminstration card, clicking the Company tab, and selecting the Summary Plan Description option from the menu bar

2. Clicking Get Started will take you into the overview of the SPD process.

3. Clicking Generate an SPD will take you to the first part of the SPD creation process. All you need to do on this page is confirm that all of the information is correct. Please also note that the contact information for your insurance carriers is provided as you may need this later on.

4. Clicking Confirm will take you to the next step, where you will need to enter some information about the plans offered by your company. 

  • You will be asked to determine if you have filed a plan name with the Department of Labor. If Yes is selected, you will then be prompted for more information about this filing. Hovering over this question will bring up more information about how you can determine if you filed a plan name on the right side of the screen. Please see this Department of Labor page on Plan Information for details.
  • If your plans run on a calendar year (renewal date is 1/1), that would be considered Calendar Year. If your plans do not run on a calendar year (renewal date is anything other than 1/1), that is considered Plan Year. If your plans have different renewal dates, you can follow the renewal date that is earliest in the year (for example, if your medical renews 3/1 and your dental renews 9/1, use 3/1 as the beginning of your plan year)
  • Select whether or not your company offers an FSA or HSA
  • Fill out the plan administrator information. Zenefits is not your plan administrator. This should be the person at your company who is responsible for making benefits decisions, typically the HR contact.
  • The Agent for Service of Legal Process will be the person or company designated to accept service of process on behalf of the company. This is often the CEO or other high ranking executive. Zenefits is not your Agent for Service of Legal Process.

5. On this step, you'll see a draft of the first part of the SPD. Confirm that what you see is correct and click Next.

  • If you realize you have missed information, or need to edit, there is the option to go Back.

6. The final step of the SPD process is to upload policy booklets from your insurance carriers. You will use the blue Upload link to add the booklets to your SPD.

  • Insurance carriers should proactively be providing these documents to administrators after renewal. If you haven't received your booklets, then please use the contact information to contact them and request these.
  • Sometimes insurance carriers can refer to these policy booklets as Certificates of CoverageEvidence of Coverage, or Benefits Booklets/Handbooks.
  • Please use some of the other Help Center pages (linked to the right side of the page) to help troubleshoot the policy book upload process.

7. Clicking Next will take you to a page where you can view and download the completed SPD.

  • Clicking the Send to Employees button will automatically upload the SPD to their profile and notify them via inbox task. This will not send them an email!
  • If you need to modify or add something in the SPD, please download so you can make these changes. You will not be able to upload this modified SPD back into the SPD section. Instead, you can use custom fields to upload to employees' profiles.


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