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FAQs about Email Notifications for Administrators

 For Administrators and Employees

Who receives birthday and anniversary emails?

On the 25th of every month, administrators who have the correct permissions will receive an email with the birthdays and work anniversaries for the following month.

  • Everyone will be included in this email. There is no setting to opt out.
  • If there are no birthdays or work anniversaries in a certain month, no email will be sent.
  • Managers who are not also administrators will not receive these emails.
Can I disable termination notification emails in Zenefits?

Termination notices go to all administrators who have the appropriate permissions by default. These cannot be turned off in Zenefits. For those that do not want to receive these notifications, Zenefits recommends the following:

  • Restrict the administrator's permissions to sensitive so they won't receive the notifications, but this may cause other issues with the administrator's security.
  • Add a filter to exclude the notification emails from their inbox.

Need guidance from an HR expert about handling a sensitive termination? We can help. Add our HR Advisor service to have access to our team of Certified HR Advisors.

How do I update my accountant's email address in Zenefits?

Administrators can change the company's accountant email address on record in Zenefits.

Once you've logged into your dashboard, you can change the email address for your accountant by selecting the Company Profile app and then navigating to the Tax Info section.

Which message tags can I use in custom email messages?

Managers can use tags in the message section of their Custom Email Messages in order to specify what kind of email it is. These tags are activated by using brackets around the word. For example, using [EMPLOYEE].

  • DAYS
Which notifications do accountants receive?

Accountants who are not established as dedicated administrators in Zenefits will receive the following email notifications.

  • Termination requests (employees and contractors)
  • Onboarding emails
  • Signing offer letters
  • Background checks
  • Emails for employees that have not completed onboarding
  • Deduction digests

Note: If you wish to have accountants receive company invoices, please contact Zenefits Customer Care to have their contact information added to the billing system.

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