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What tools are included in the HR Library?

HR Knowledge Base:
Leverage a searchable and comprehensive library of attorney-sourced and maintained information you can trust. From federal and state law summaries to in-depth information around key HR topics, such as hiring, discipline, termination, leave policies, and much more.

HR Productivity Tools:
With unlimited access to time-saving tools that you can trust, we can help make even the most complex project manageable. The HR library contains these tools and much more:

  1. COBRA Advisor: Understanding if your company needs to adhere to COBRA
  2. Custom Job Description Builder: Create detailed job descriptions to find new candidates
  3. Employee Benefit Benchmarking: Allowing administrators to help make decisions of what benefits to offer employees
  4. Employee Handbook Builder: Create a handbook that sets the right expectations for your company
  5. FMLA Advisor: Regulations around Family and Medical Leave
  6. Federal Poster Advisor: Easy-to-read posters about fair wages, OSHA, and more
  7. HR Self-Assessment: Tracking HR learning with six self-study modules that teach and test on best practices
  8. Interview Question Builder: Help develop interview practices
  9. Multi-State Law Comparison: Compare laws between states
  10. Salary Benchmarking tool: Compare salaries across industry state and city lines
  11. Performance Review Builder:  Evaluate employee skills and develop the team's potential with performance reviews
  12. Sample Job Descriptions: 900+ ideas for companies to use to announce an open role
  13. Steps to Success: 12 how-to-guides to help understand and manage all things HR- from hiring to benefits
  14. Total Compensation Statement Builder: Help build a comprehensive, streamlined offer letter

You may scroll through the HR Tools by using the arrows in the toolbar, seen below:


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