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Sunsetting the Contractors App in Zenefits

In 2020, Zenefits introduced new functionality that gives you the ability to hire, manage and pay contingent workers using the same workflows that you use for your employees. With these tools in place, we are beginning the process of sunsetting the Contractors app in the Zenefits platform.

Starting July 1st, Zenefits will no longer support adding new templates or modifying existing templates for the hiring of contingent workers through the Contractors app on Zenefits. For the time being, you will continue to be able to use the Contractors app to pay contractors already in the system, and will receive additional notice before steps are taken to further sunset the legacy Contractors app.

Please note: In order to convert a contractor to a contingent worker you’ll need to remove their contractor profile and hire them as a contingent worker directly within your Hiring app.

If you would like to take advantage of this sunsetting to move your contingent workers to the core Zenefits platform and manage them seamlessly with the rest of your workforce, we are happy to extend a discount of 50% on new annual contracts signed by July 1st for the management of your contingent workers.

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