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Payee Exempt Code for Contractors

The instructions below only apply to companies who use the Contractors app on their dashboard.

Payee exempt codes are used to identify different types of payees who are exempt from backup withholding. If these codes apply to any contractors, they are normally entered into the Payees Exempt Code section of the W-9

Zenefits cannot provide codes for backup withholding or FATCA witholding.

As the administrator of the account, you can quickly find your contractors’ W-9 forms by following the steps below.

  • Click Hire on the Contractors app.
  • Find and click View Contractors located on the left side of your screen.
  • Choose which contractor you would like to see and click Documents.
  • You will be able to click on the W-9 form to view once completed by the contractor.

The W-9 form includes a list of payee codes and the payees that they correspond to under Line 4 of the Specific Instructions section. If a contractor does not meet the criteria for any of the payee categories, leave the Payees Exempt Code section of the W-9 blank.

Click here to see the W-9 form in its entirety

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