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Check the Status of Contractor Payments

The instructions below only apply to companies who use the Contractors app on their dashboard.

To check the status of a contractor payment, click Payment History in the Contractors app, find the payment in the list, and look in the Status column. Here's a list of the various statuses, what they mean, and how to resolve them.

In the status reports, CD refers to company debit, and PCC refers to company credit.

Pending Payments

Payments marked as pending have not been sent yet, but will be sent with the next batch.

Sent Payments

Payments marked as sent have already had either the first or second step of the payment process completed.

Completed Payments

Payments marked Completed have been received by the contractor or the contractor's bank.

Failed or Cancelled Payments

These are contractor payments that did not go through or were cancelled. Hover your cursor over the Failed or Cancelled link to see the reasons for failure, and see these instructions for resolving them.

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