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Contractor Payments

The instructions below only apply to companies who use the Contractors app on their dashboard.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about contractor payments in Zenefits.

  • Contractor payments through Zenefits can only be made via direct deposit; check payments and memos for contractors are not supported. However, if we are filing 1099's for the client, and offline payments are made, the admin will be prompted to add in that info towards the end of the year. Read more about this here
  • Zenefits does not support recurring payments to contractors. All payments are entered individually.
  • Contractor payment amounts do not sync to payroll.
  • When entering payments, make sure that the sum of new payments and the total for any pending payments do not exceed the Current Limit.
  • Payments sent to an inactive contractor will automatically reactivate that contractor.

 There is a $ 2 .00 transaction fee charged for each contractor payment made through Zenefits. These fees can be seen on the monthly invoices in the Billing & Payments section of the Company Profile app.

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