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Entering state tax information as an employee

During onboarding, you can enter your state tax filing and withholding information for the state(s) where you live and work. After onboarding, click here to enter or update your state withholding allowances and filing status from the Bank and Tax Info card. If you move to a new state, click here change your home address in the Personal Information card, then update your tax information in the Tax Info section.

Zenefits uses your home address and the address of your work location (which your manager assigns to you) to determine the states for which you should provide tax info. You'll fill out at least the federal W-4, and if your home address and work addresses are:

  • in the same state (and it has state income tax), Zenefits will ask you to enter withholding allowances and filing status for that state. These states have no income tax.
  • in different states, Zenefits will ask for tax information in each state that has income tax. If these states have with a reciprocal agreement in place, you can complete a Certificate of Non-Residence in your work state (and provide it to your administrator), and let Zenefits know you'd like to be taxed solely in your home state.

Each time you make changes to your tax information, you'll need to provide a signature. Once you do, Zenefits will generate a new W-4, which you'll be able to download.

When in doubt, please talk to a tax advisor to determine where you should pay taxes as an employee.

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