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How do I get started onboarding in Zenefits

With the Zenefits , you can e-sign your agreements, enroll in payroll, and apply for benefits, all online.


How do I use the new hire onboarding link?

All new hires in Zenefits will receive a personalized onboarding link in their welcome email. This link invites the new hire to complete registration of their account and... Learn more


How do I register for a Zenefits account?

To register as an employee or contingent worker in Zenefits, use the new hire onboarding link and enter your email address. You should register with a personal email address, no... Learn more


Can I finish Zenefits onboarding without a social security number?

If You're An Independent Contractor Without an SSN /EIN:At this time, independent contractors can only finish onboarding if they have an SSN or EIN. No other forms of Taxpayer I... Learn more


Can I use a P.O. Box for my home address?

You shouldn't use a P.O. Box address when entering your information in Zenefits. Zenefits uses your home address for insurance applications, payroll data, and other ancillary fu... Learn more


Will I have to upload documents during onboarding?

You may be asked to provide documentation while onboarding in Zenefits. This documentation may include a copy of your social security card, a passport, or any assortment of ... Learn more

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