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How do I view the status of a background check?

Administrators can view the status of background checks by clicking on the Hiring app located in the admin dashboard. Towards the bottom of the page, you will see the background check table which lists each name and the status. The helptext icon provides additional information in case the status is Error, Pending or On Hold.  Keep in mind, you will only see a report listed there if the background check has been completed - pending reports will not have results yet.

Administrators can also view the information from the worker's profile. Click on the Directory app located on your admin dashboard, then click on the name. From there, click on the Documents tab in the left-hand menu. You will be able to download the background check results from here.  

Administrators and workers can also click this link from Checkr and enter in the individual's email address, SSN, phone number, and date of birth. The link will confirm the status of the check and will display a link if any further documentation needs to be submitted by the worker to complete the check. Once the required information is provided to Checkr, the background check will re-reun automatically through our daily scheduler jobs. If the background check is not re-triggered automatically , please contact Zenefits Support

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