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Why was a background check cancelled?

When a Motor Vehicle Report is requested as part of a background check, the request can be cancelled if the individual is in Pennsylvania or they do not have a driver’s license.

During the onboarding flow, a new hire can indicate that they do not have a driver’s license which will cancel the check, or downgrade the check to not include the Motor Vehicle report based on the company’s Background Check Settings. The settings can be edited by following these steps:

  1. Open the Hiring App and select Settings
  2. Select Background Checks
  3. Select the edit icon for When a motor vehicle report can’t be obtained
  4. Select Run the background check anyway or Select Cancel the background check
  5. Select Save

The administrator will receive an email notification stating that the check was cancelled or downgraded. If the background check has already been cancelled, the administrator has two options to request a new background check. 

  1. The individual can complete onboarding and another background check can be requested through a Bulk Request. The administrator will need to select the option to resend the request even though the information has been provided.
  2. The current offer can be revoked and resubmitted without the Motor Vehicle Report.
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