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Demo:::How do I set up custom email messages?

With custom email messages, you can easily create and schedule emails to be sent based on the occurrence of a specific event (e.g., start date).

Once a custom email message is set up, it will be scheduled to be sent out at 4 AM , 8 AM, or 12 PM PST after a triggering event happens. Emails sent by administrators will go directly to the work email address on file.


  • An email can be sent to everyone in the IT department 3 days before each new hire's start date, reminding them to set up the new hire's laptop.
  • An email can be sent to each new hire 1 week after their start date, to check in on how they're doing and request feedback about the company's onboarding process.
  • An email can be sent to workers 1 week before each of their driver's licenses are set to expire, reminding them to renew their licenses.

Emails created using Email Reminders will be sent from Zenefits and replies will be forwarded to noreply@ zenefits . com .

Getting Started

  1. From the admin dashboard, click the Hiring app.
  2. Click Settings in the menu bar.
  3. On the left hand side, click Custom Emails.
  4. Then, click Create New Custom Email
  5. Select the type of event that triggers the email. 
  6. Select which Departments, Locations and/or Employment Types that the email is applied to.
  7. Select the recipients of the notification.
    Note: If you'd like an email to be sent to the employee who triggers the event even if they aren't marked as a recipient, check the Send to Existing Workers? box.
  8. Complete the remaining prompts.
  9. You can use the auto text feature to create dynamic fields that will pull information (worker name, manager name, department, etc) based on who the email is sent to.
  10. Add attachments (if applicable).
  11. Then, click Create

Admins can disable the emails by scrolling down to the Custom Email Message section and clicking Delete.

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