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How do I create a custom field for reciprocal tax state certificate of nonresidence?

You can create a custom field to include a Certificate of Nonresidence in the onboarding process for workers that live outside of their work state. This custom field will ask new hires if they live in a tax-shared state. This is only necessary for payroll providers that don't have multi-state taxation support, and is not necessary for companies synced to Gusto, Paychex, or ADP Workforce.

To add the custom field:

  1. In the Admin Dashboard click the Hiring app.
  2. Click Custom Fields in the menu bar.
  3. Click Add New Field.
  4. Under Prompt, enter a label (i.e., “Do You Qualify For A Tax Exemption?”). Add additional instructions (e.g., “Do You Live in One Of These States? If NO, press save to continue” and list the states.) if necessary in the Help Text textbox.
  5. For the Type of Answer field, choose File. This option enables new hires to upload a signed copy of their exemption form.
  6. For the (optional) Filling Out The Field field, chose appropriate rules for:
  • whether the information is sensitive
  • whether the worker or employer should upload the file
  • whether the field must completed at time of onboarding, and how it should be labeled
  • whether the worker's designated manager can view the file.
  1. For the Filters field, Select Only for certain people.
  2. Enter the following rule:
  • All of the following
  • Location
  • “Is Not”
  • and choose a work location from the current list.

Anyone living outside of the designated work location will have this custom field available in their Dashboard. Administrators can then request the form in bulk from all qualifying workers

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