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What Auto Text fields can I use in custom emails?

The following available fields can be used in custom emails to display dynamic information. Please click here for more information on adding custom emails.

  • Full Name (e.g. John Doe)
  • First Name (e.g. John)
  • Last Name (e.g. Doe)
  • Title (e.g. Software Engineer)
  • Address Two Lines (e.g. 1 Park Ave, San Francisco, Ca, 94107)
  • Address street (e.g. 1 Park Ave)
  • Address city (e.g. San Francisco)
  • Address state (e.g. CA)
  • Address zip (e.g. 94107)
  • Reports to (e.g. John Doe)
  • Reports to Title (e.g. Chief Technology Officer)
  • Department (e.g. Engineering)
  • Work Location Name (San Francisco office)
  • Work Location Address Single Line (e.g. q Example Way, Ste 1, San Francisco, Ca, 94001)
  • Company Signature Name (e.g. John Blogs)
  • Company Signature Title (e.g. CEO)
  • Days Until Event (e.g. 1)
  • Date of Event (e.g. May 15)
  • Start Date (e.g. May 01)
  • End Date (e.g. May 31)

You can also add custom fields in Auto Text fields for dynamic information. All custom fields except document and signature answer fields are available to display dynamic information in custom emails.

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