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Reverify work authorization documents

To request and verify a work authorization document:

Reverification is not required for US Citizens but may be required for permanent citizens who provided temporary authorizations.

  1. Notify the worker. Let them know that one or more of their eligibility documents are expiring. Please do this as soon as possible so they have enough time to provide new document(s).
  2. Physically examine the updated document(s). Only List A and List C documents should be reverified. Digital copies of verification documents are insufficient. USCIS regulations require in person verification of all documents, even for remote workers.
  3. Hover over the Complete button, then click "Reverify". Follow the instructions to complete the reverification process. Keep in mind that different rules may apply to someone being rehired after 3 years.
  4. Follow the prompts and sign to complete the reverification process.
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