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Verify a Form I-9 in Zenefits

Employers are required by law to view and verify physical copies of eligibility documents within three business days of the first day of work.

  • Once the worker has provided information about their citizenship status in Zenefits, administrators can then verify the documents and complete the employer's side of Form I-9.
  • Zenefits does not integrate with E-Verify for I-9 verification.

How to Verify Eligibility Documents on Zenefits

To verify eligibility documents:

  1. Select the Directory app and choose the employee from the list.
  2. Click on Documents on the left side of the page.
  3. In the I-9 section, place your pointer over Requires Action and click on Verify.

The requirement poses some difficulty when a remote worker is sufficiently far from the employer's office, e.g., in another state. In this case, employers may designate an authorized representative who will verify the documents in person.

Once the form is saved, the employer's part of Form I-9 will be automatically populated with information that Zenefits has on file for the company, and the digital signature of the administrator who verified the documents. The completed I-9 form can be downloaded from the worker's page in the Documents table.

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