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FAQs About Background Checks in Zenefits

    Does Zenefits perform the background check

    We don't perform background checks ourselves. We use a third-party provider called Checkr. Checkr is a fully vetted and compliant background checking service.

    How secure are Zenefits background checks

    Checkr, Zenefits' third-party background check partner, uses modern encryption methods to transfer and store user information. Data is always transferred using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption. Sensitive information like Social Security Numbers are encrypted at the database level.

    How much do background checks cost

    Checkr's fee is $30 for a Standard Check, $40 for a Premium Check, and $5 (+ DMV fees) for optional Motor Vehicle reports .

    • Standard Check: Verifies SSN and checks national criminal records, sex offender list, address history, county criminal records, and terror watchlist for national, state, and current county of residence.

    • Premium Check: Expands the Standard Check to include all counties of residence in past 7 years.

    Background check charges will show as labeled line items in your monthly Zenefits vendor invoice.

    Internal Support Notes:

    • Checkr invoices Zenefits around the beginning of the month for the previous month's checks (e.g. We would get an invoice on Oct 1 for all background checks issued from Sept 1 - Sept  30).
    • When Zenefits receives this invoice, we parse it and charge customers accordingly.
    • These charges will then show up on the customer's Zenefits invoice, which will be sent out on the  1st  of the next month (So in the previous example, they would receive the Zenefits invoice on Nov 1).
    • If there are any discrepancies detected when parsing the invoice in step 2, the customer is not charged at that time. We have to manually go through the discrepancies. Once all discrepancies for a background check are resolved, then the background check is charged like in step 3.
    Can I upgrade or downgrade the background check

    Once the worker has authorized a background check, there's no way to change the type of check you ordered. If you require an additional component to a background check, you will be required to wait 30 days to run a new check for the same individual.

    How long do background checks take to process

    Once an individual registers, authorizes the background check, completes their Basic information and their Contact Information, Zenefits will submit the check for processing. Background checks can generally take 2-9 business days to complete.

    However, background checks are dependent on county courts to verify records, and processing times vary from county to county. If a background check is taking longer than expected, it could still be processing with the county courts.

    Under certain circumstances, the processing time for a background check may exceed 9 business days. Administrators can check the status of a background check by entering the individual's information here.

    Internal Support Notes:

    • We are unable to tell the admin or employee which counties are pending.

    Once the background check is complete, the worker and any authorized administrators are simultaneously notified of the results.

    Can I expedite a background check

    No. Since background checks are dependent upon various agencies and databases, neither Zenefits nor Checkr have the ability to expedite the timeline of the background check.

    Can I run a background check on a minor

    No. Zenefits can't run a background check on anyone under 18 years of age. Minors also cannot authorize a background check.

    What do the authorization forms look like

    This is the format for prospective workers and current staff.

    What if someone doesn't want to authorize a background check

    It's the employer's responsibility to handle this situation. Zenefits will not block benefits administration or other HR-related tasks. You can cancel a request for a background check, but only before the individual authorizes it.

    Why is Checkr asking for their ID or driver’s license

    Checkr is requesting the individual's identification to verify their SSN. If Checkr is asking for the driver’s license, it is so they can run the Motor Vehicle Report report.

    Can I dispute the results of a background check

    If a background check report contains inaccurate information, the individual will need to contact Checkr in order to request that they run a reinvestigation report. Checkr can be reached by phone at 1-844-2-Checkr or via email at support @checkr. com.

    Can I get a refund for a background check

    No. It's not possible to receive a refund for a background check that has already been requested, as Checkr generates the charge as soon as the initial request is made.

    What do Zenefits background check reports look like

    When you run a background check through Zenefits, you'll receive a report that looks similar to these examples. Zenefits is unable to provide more information. Contact Checkr for additional explanation of a report’s results.


    Actual reports may vary depending on the type of background check requested.


    Can I change my hiring decision based on the results of the report

    Anytime an employer makes a negative employment decision based on the results of a background check, they need to follow the required FCRA adverse action steps and EEOC guidance in making the decision.

    You will need to work directly with Checkr to send a pre-adverse action notification that:

    • Informs the individual that their application will be denied based on the report,
    • Includes a copy of his/her background report and a copy of A Summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and
    • Provides a reasonable period of time to dispute the results. If the new hire does not appeal the pre-adverse action letter after a reasonable amount of time, the administrator will need to send an official adverse action notice.
    How do I view the status of a background check

    Administrators can view the status of background checks by clicking on the Hiring app located in the admin dashboard. Towards the bottom of the page, you will see the background check table which lists each name and the status. The helptext icon provides additional information in case the status is Error, Pending or On Hold.  Keep in mind, you will only see a report listed there if the background check has been completed - pending reports will not have results yet.

    Administrators can also view the information from the worker's profile. Click on the Directory app located on your admin dashboard, then click on the name. From there, click on the Documents tab in the left-hand menu. You will be able to download the background check results from here.  

    Administrators and workers can also click this link from Checkr and enter in the individual's email address, SSN, phone number, and date of birth. The link will confirm the status of the check and will display a link if any further documentation needs to be submitted by the worker to complete the check. Once the required information is provided to Checkr, the background check will re-reun automatically through our daily scheduler jobs. If the background check is not re-triggered automatically , please contact Zenefits Support


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