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Get started with hiring

The Hiring and Onboarding process allows administrators to add an offer letter template or create a custom one, create custom fields for their workers, and hire a worker.


Want to set up background checks for your new hires? Learn how here!

Hiring in Zenefits

Once a verbal offer is made, a Zenefits administrator can begin the hiring process directly in the Zenefits dashboard. Recommended Email Response Copy and paste the belo... Learn more

Important terms for hiring and onboarding

There are several important terms related to hiring and onboarding that employers should be aware of. Hiring and Onboarding Terminology Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA):... Learn more

Are the sample employment documents in Zenefits valid legal documents?

The samples we provide for employment documents, such as offer letters or IP assignment agreements, are for informational purposes only and are not legal or other professional a... Learn more

Create sections for custom fields

Learn how to create sections for your custom fields, or to group custom fields under a header.Note: Deletion of a custom field is permanent and unable to be recovered. Sections ... Learn more

Multiple versions of an employee handbook

Administrators can create and upload multiple employee handbooks to send to employees during onboarding or through a bulk request. During onboarding or through a bulk request, a... Learn more

Edit or Copy Existing Templates

Administrators can either make changes or clone existing templates in the Hiring app. To Update Existing Template: Select the Hiring app from the administrator dashboardNavigate... Learn more

Information collected from US workers during onboarding

When hiring an employee based in the United States, Zenefits will collect the following information. First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial, Preferred Name, Other Names... Learn more

Types of custom fields for onboarding

Learn that custom fields can be used by administrators to customize the onboardingexperience and record information about their workforce. Custom fields can be set for either hi... Learn more

Create a welcome email

Create a custom welcome email for your new hires by taking the steps below. The message can be triggered by either a certain time frame or an event in Zenefits. Select the Hirin... Learn more

The Hiring Overview Page

The Hiring Overview page provides at-a-glance info about your new hires and onboarding  progress .Here's what you'll find on the Hiring Overview page:One-click access to hire a ... Learn more

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