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Types of custom fields for onboarding

Learn that custom fields can be used by administrators to customize the onboardingexperience and record information about their workforce. Custom fields can be set for either hiring manager or new hire to fill out during onboarding. 

Note: Deletion of a custom field is permanent and unable to be recovered.

Using custom fields in Zenefits

The following table contains information on the different types of custom fields available in Zenefits.

Type Description

Dropdown Menu

This creates a custom dropdown menu.

Single Line Text Field

This field allows text input.

Date Field

This field allows the user to enter a date.

Number Field

This field allows the user to enter a number.

File Field

This field is used to upload a file.

Multi Line Text Field

Multi Line Fields allow users to enter as much information as they would like. A great idea for admins who request bios from their workers.

Yes or No Field

This option is used for yes or no questions.


This option is used to collect a signature.

Upload a Video, PDF, or Image

Click "Upload" under the "Help Media File" heading to add media files. Below is a list of the supported file types. Keep in mind that workers will not be able to download any file uploaded here. Any documents that need to be downloaded should be included only as a "File" Custom Field. The file size limit is 25 MB. 

  • image
  • spreadsheet
  • PDF
  • zip file
  • text
  • doc 
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