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How do I set up custom fields in Zenefits?

The Custom Fields option in the Hiring application on the administrator dashboard allows administrators to add custom fields as well as different sections that those custom fields fall under.

The information under each section will apply to all custom fields that are created or moved under this section.

When the +Add New Section option is chosen, the following actions can be performed:

  • Name the Section
  • Select who will fill out the custom field
  • Decide who will complete the custom field
  • Apply filters

Any custom fields that had been made before any custom field sections were created can be moved into a section by selecting Edit under the custom field and then selecting the desired section under the drop-down menu.

The order in which these fields will be presented can be changed by clicking the up and down arrows to the right of each field. The order of the sections can not be edited.

When the +Add New Field option is chosen, the following actions can be performed:

  • Name the Prompt
  • Add Help Text and Help Media Files
  • Select the Type of Answer
  • Decide who will complete the field
  • Apply filters

If an administrator wants to remove custom fields from their onboarding process after they have already collected data from other employees, all data will be removed from the Zenefits system once that change is processed. 

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