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Create a welcome email

Create a custom welcome email for your new hires by taking the steps below. The message can be triggered by either a certain time frame or an event in Zenefits. 

  1. Select the Hiring app
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click Custom Emails
  4. Click Create New Custom Email.

You'll see the dynamic fields below that allow the email messages to be specific for each individual.

The following fields can be used in the welcome email to display dynamic information. When creating a welcome email, highlight any text that you'd like to be filled in automatically, then click "Auto Text."

  • New hire name
  • Title (e.g. Software Engineer)
  • Address
  • Reports to (e.g. Joe Blogs)
  • Reports to Title (e.g. Chief Technology Officer)
  • Department
  • Work Location (e.g. San Francisco)
  • Company Signature Name (e.g. Joe Blogs)
  • Company Signature Title (e.g. CEO)
  • Date until Event
  • Date of Event
  • Start Date

 Attachments can be added to the Welcome Email.

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