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Hiring in Zenefits

Once a verbal offer is made, a Zenefits administrator can begin the hiring process directly in the Zenefits dashboard.

  1. Log in. Log in to your Zenefits. 
  2. Add. Click on the Add button in the Workers section of your admin dashboard or click the Hiring app and Add Team Member
  3. Basic new hire information. Enter any necessary information such as name, contact information, and work details.
  4. Employment information. Enter start date, employment type, and how they'll be paid.
  5. Offer letter. Decide if you'd like to send an offer letter, and select one of the templates. Find out how to make a new template.
  6. Agreements. You are able to choose all, some, or none. 
  7. IRS compliance testing. Identify any Highly Compensated Employees.
    1. A Key Employee is an officer having annual pay of more than $170, 000 a year.
    2. A highly compensated employee is one that makes more than $120, 000 a year.
  8. Payroll settings. If you use Zenefits Payroll, information will seamlessly transfer over to payroll.
  9. Health benefits. If you utilize Zenefits Ben Admin or Ben Connect, you will use this step to mark the new hire as benefits eligible using the check boxes for each line of coverage offered. New hires will have 21 days after their effective date to enroll.
  10. Background checks & eligibility. Decide if you'd like to run a background check, and which employment eligiblity documents you'll need.
  11. Send the letter. Once the letter is ready to send, choose one of two options:
    • Have Zenefits send the offer letter. Zenefits will send the email and prompt them them to register for their Zenefits account.
    • Add the registration link to a personally written email. They can click on this link and register in Zenefits.

At this time, we are not able to support hiring in bulk.

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