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How do I hire a temporary worker in Zenefits?

This page explains how to hire a temporary worker in Zenefits.

Begin the hiring flow as normal.

From your admin dashboard, click the Hire button in the Directory app. Or click the Hiring app and then click the Add Team Member button.

Zenefits' default offer letter is for salaried employees. Make sure to create and upload a custom template to hire other employment types with an offer letter.

Enter the employment information.

  1. On the Employment Type step, select Contingent Worker to see the different types of temporary employment. Select the one that best fits your situation.
  2. On the Offer Details step, select their Compensation Type from the drop down menu.
  3. If applicable, enter the End Date*.

*Please note that the worker will not be automatically terminated on the end date. This is only used in offer letter or agreement templates.

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